Aside from business savvy and the energy and attitude he possesses to be able to offer opportunities and help to others, Alfonso Cuadra passes along a positive message to any who are willing to hear it.

Born in the late seventies in El Salvador, a country on the road to revolution, Alfonso and his family couldn’t avoid the turmoil surrounding them. His mother was the head of a newspaper that remained committed to reporting the truth to all about the corrupt government in power. For that, she was arrested as a political prisoner and sentenced to forty years. For the first three years of her incarceration, Alfonso’s family kept him indoors for fear that the government would kidnap him. Thanks to an Amnesty Law declared in May of 1983, his mom, Vida Cuadra was freed and offered asylum in Canada. Alfonso was five when they first arrived. However, as a result of constant threats and scares from the El Salvadorian government, Alfonso and his mother were on the run once again. By the time he was nine, they were finally able to return to Canada and this time, it was to stay.

Life was a veritable struggle for Alfonso. Coming into a new country as an immigrant, he recalls feeling as though he was “very low on the economic scale.” Growing up, he was surrounded by crime and drugs. As he got old however, he created his own mantra, his own philosophy if you will. “Success By Design” the idea the we are all creating our lives.

I’m in my thirties and I’ve accomplished only 2% of my goals.

It seems there’s always more to reach for Alfonso Cuadra an entrepreneur, speaker, author, success coach, and philanthropist an entrepreneur of 15 years, at 18 years old he started a small company that grew to 15 locations across Canada. Mr. Cuadra is President/CEO of Solvepro Realty Investments, Solvepro Property Management,and, has had an extensive back-ground in business and Real Estate Management, investing, and Development. Mr. Cuadra has been exposed to a variety of commercial, residential , and multi-family property investments and management deals and featured for his business in many magazines, news papers, and television all over the world including Readers Digest which did a 7 page profile that was published in 15 different countries in 5 different languages Mr. Cuadra has over 300,000 views on YouTube and is host of a viral show called “Success By Design”.

I decided to go against the grain. I always see opportunity where others see disaster. I was stereotyped because of my background, being an immigrant, being poor etc. But I believe there’s something wrong with that, with putting people down. I didn’t have any role models, so I had to believe in myself.

Alfonso Cuadra

Everyone enjoys a rags to riches story. It‟s a popular tale told time and time again. There’s always the famous Cinderella, who suffers in poverty and abuse and is saved by a rich and handsome prince. There’s also J. K. Rowling, who wrote her famous Harry Potter stories while suffering from depression, unable to work and collecting welfare.

Well, here we introduce Alfonso Cuadra, a self-made entrepreneur who created his own success by following his passion and reaching for his own dreams. In short, he became his own prince charming.

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