Here are just a few testimonials…

Alfonso presented to our program for newcomer youth, and we all found his story inspirational. Many of the youth could relate to his struggle, and were inspired by his message that anything is possible with hard work and determination. The great thing about Alfonso’s presentation is that after inspiring us with his story, he immediately had us writing about our own passions and goals, and supported us one-on-one in visualizing the implementation of those goals. He was also open and honest in sharing about himself and answering questions, which allowed us to open up to him and therefore gain tremendously from the workshop. I would recommend his presentation and workshop to any group of young people who are looking for motivation, or for a group of adults who may want to envision a new path for themselves.
Thanks to people like Alfonso, lives can be changed!!!
Very well spoken, amazing story, excellent content and recommendations. Inspirational!!
Michael Verstecy,
Alfonso is a very dynamic speaker!
Penny Lee Prevost, H-Trio, Senior Facilitator
Amazing speaker, powerful, positive and inspirational energy!
Excellent and inspiring story of how Alfonso overcame serious obstacles.
Cathy Chalykoff,
Energetic, honest, entertaining, credible, easy to comprehend.
He is fantastic and he really knows his stuff.
Lisseth Barrios, Investor
Inspiring – from his own experience! Alfonso speaks from his heart, is an example and demonstration of what he teaches.